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Highly rated technical Progressive Christian Death Metal. EXTOL was formulated in Bekkestua during the beginning of 1994 by drummer David Husvik, guitarist Christer Espevoll and vocalist Peter Espevoll. Within a few months bassist Eystein Holm completed the line-up. Starting life as a regular Metal band the decision to branch out into more challenging sounds focussed the need for a second guitarist. Emil Nikolaisen of ROYAL was inducted and later Ole Borud from Norwegian Doom veterans SHALIACH brought the band up to strength.

First product would be a split outing dubbed 'Northern Lights', in collaboration with ANTESTOR, SCHALIACH and GROMS, issued in 1996 through Steve Rowe of MORTIFICATION's label Rowe Productions. A three song demo cassette entitled 'Embraced' was then delivered in 1997. The impressive 1999 'Burial' debut album would be the first product released in 1999 by the Endtimes Productions label. For the Japanese market 'Burial' was issued by the Avalon label with an extra track. Tooth & Nail took the album on for North America. The stopgap 'Mesmerized' mini-album surfaced in 1999 which included new tracks and remixes.

Borud opted out in order to devote time to solo Pop orientated projects. EXTOL pulled in Tor Magne S. Glidje of LENGSEL in as replacement. Holm would also lose his position with the new man on bass being Jor Robert.

Mid 2003 found EXTOL, promoting the 'Synergy' album recorded at Toproom Studios, on the road in North America partnered with DEMON HUNTER, STILL BREATHING and THE AGONY SCENE. Scandinavian shows in October found the band supporting OPETH. The band severed ties with with guitarists Christer Espevoll and Ole Borud in May 2004. Nevertheless, EXTOL entered Toproom Studios once again August to commence wotk on a new album, shortly afterward announcing the recruitment of the LENGSEL and GANGLION credited guitarists Tor Magne S. Glidje and Ole Halvard Sveen to the group's ranks.

In 2004 the EXTOL credited David Husvik and Christer Espevoll allied themselves with Magnus Westgaard of VARDOGER and Ivar Nikolaisen from SILVER to forge the ABSURD² project, recording an EP for Endtime Productions. February 2005 saw EXTOL on the road in Europe as opening act for MASTODON and DOZER. Unfortunately the band's scheduled performance at the April 2005 'New England Metal And Hardcore' festival was cancelled as the band was prevented in reaching their desination due to a tornado in Kentucky. EXTOL would be announced as support to OPETH's September European dates. In side activity, Husvik forged the TWISTED INTO FORM band project with SPIRAL ARCHITECT guitarist Kaj Gornitzka.

The band performed at the Halmstad, Sweden Christian Metal Endtime Festival in March 2007 alongside CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, ANTESTOR, DROTTNAR, EVERGRACE, HARMONY, INEVITABLE END, VARDOGER, VIRGIN FOREST and VENI DOMINE.

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