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The members of Orlando Nu-Metal act SKRAPE, previously operational as JOJO, have prior ties to acts such as STUCK MOJO, with drummer Will Hunt, and the GENITORTURERS through bass player Pete Sison. Only a handful of local gigs would generate the necessary kudos for a signature to the RCA label. The debut album, the Ulrich Wild produced 'New Killer America', arrived in 2001. Will Hunt, maintaining his SKRAPE ties, would team up with MÖTLEY CRÜE and METHODS OF MAYHEM man Tommy Lee's new band in March of 2002.

A second SKRAPE album 'Up The Dose' was scheduled for October 2003. Touring found the band packaged with ILL NINO and SPINESHANK in September, followed up by shows allied with SOIL, TWISTED METHOD and STATIC-X. The band lost their deal with RCA Records in March of 2004. Drummer Will Hunt announced at this juncture that he had formulated a side project act, billed DARK BLUE, with Corey Lowery from STUCK MOJO, LIFE OF AGONY, STEREOMUD and SW1TCHED, Troy McLawhorn from DOUBLE DRIVE, and SEVENDUST guitarist Clint Lowery. In May Brian Milner joined DOPE as their new bassist.

August of 2004 saw Billy Keeton enrolling into the ranks of COLDWHITECHRIST, a new band formation founded by ex-NOTHINGFACE guitarist Tom Maxwell and drummer Tommy Sickles in league with the DEADLIGHTS and DANZIG credited bassist Jerry Montano. This group subsequently switched names to SEVER, then to BLESSED IN BLACK. That same month Hunt's new band was forging ahead with the addition of ex-VIRGOS MERLOT/VIRGOS guitarist/vocalist Brett Hestla. This act adopted the DARK NEW DAY title upon their signature to Warner Bros. Records in January 2005.

That September former SKRAPE members Billy Keeton and Pete Sison forged PARIS IS BURNING with guitarist Bobby Burns, of SOULFLY, BEAUTIFUL, TO MY ENEMY and PRIMER 55. In April 2006 Will Hunt temporarily subbed for MÖTLEY CRÜE, deputising for an injured TOMMY LEE.

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