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Theatric Gothic infused Metal with an apocalyptic Christian message spearheaded by the bald jewel headed visionary Eric Clayton. SAVIOUR MACHINE was created in Southern California during 1989 by the Clayton siblings, vocalist Eric and guitarist Jeff, in alliance with bass player Dean Forsyth and drummer Chris Fee. An eponymous demo the following year secured a deal with Frontline Records. However, following an appearance at a 1992 Christian Rock festival in Irvine Fee made his exit as Samuel West took over.

Things did not run as smoothly with Frontline Records as had been hoped. SAVIOUR MACHINE toured as openers to DELIVERANCE but would find themselves ejected before the close of the tour as promoters apparently misjudged their Christian beliefs. During recording of the sophomore album the band, now complemented by keyboard player Nathan Van Hala and yet another new drummer Jayson Heart, broke free of their contract. Frontline would only press up 1000 copies of this record. SAVIOUR MACHINE signed to the German Metal label Massacre Records signalling a relationship which would result in the fostering of a large German fan base. The bands first taste of European roadwork came with tour of Germany in 1994 capitalized on by a return visit, including Dutch dates, in May of 1995. The first brace of albums would also find themselves remastered and re-released by Massacre.

Touring in Europe garnered the band a wealth of media coverage with Eric Clayton's image allied to the bands ministerial message making quite an impact. Shows from these dates would later be issued as the 1995 'Live In Deutschland' album.

With demand high the band headlined once more in Germany, with strong support from VENI DOMINE and SOUL CAGES, in March 1996. SAVIOUR MACHINE would then embark on the ambitious 'Legend' concept. Spanning three albums with over five hours of music this 'Unofficial soundtrack to the end of the world' rendered the book of revelation into a no holds barred Rock opera format. The debut 'Legend' chapter arrived in 1997 with 'Legend II' ensuing the following year.

Guitarist Carljohan Grimmark of Swedish Christian Metal band NARNIA would join SAVIOUR MACHINE for their 2001 'Legend III:I' installment.

The band would return to Germany for their first live European performance in three years taking the stage on the 9th of December 2001 at the 'Christmas Rock Night' In Ennepetal. Eric Clayton strengthened the relationship with NARNIA by acting as session vocalist for the Swedes 'The Great Fall' album.

SAVIOUR MACHINE got back into gear during October of 2003, entering the studio to commence recording of their 'Legend Part III:II' opus. The band confirmed an appearance at the first international 'Revolution Metal Fest' held at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico on November 20th 2004 alongside fellow Christian artists NARNIA, STRYPER, MORTIFICATION and EXOUSIA. Amidst all this activity, Eric Clayton found time to guest on Christian Rivel of NARNIA's ambitious epic Rock project AUDIOVISION's 'The Calling' album as well as on the debut DIVINEFIRE project album 'Glory Thy Name'.

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